Welcome to UINO team

We are a diverse group of passionate visionaries, techies, nerds, and forward-thinkers who love what we do.

Our vision

We strongly believe that the only way to avoid the LTC staffing crisis is to focus more on the needs of the personnel who provide direct care. Due to often arduous working conditions and low salaries, they experience burnouts, have two or more jobs and therefore, cannot offer high-quality care. Our goal is to draw attention to personal support workers’ problems, attract more workers to the industry, and help build a positive public image for the Long Term Care industry.

Maksim Iudin

Founder, CEO

Maksim, the founder, spent more than seven years developing technological solutions for assisted living. His journey began in 2012 when he co-founded Process Optima. The company later became one of the leading social care software and analytics providers in Russia with more than 300 installations. The product was featured on Russian state television.

Ekaterina Sukhanova

Co-founder, VP and Marketing Lead

Ekaterina is a serial entrepreneur with extensive business experience in Russia and European countries. Her entrepreneurial activity began in 2000, when she opened a toys retail store. Throughout 20 years of experience, she has created profitable businesses in many industries including retail, hospitality, and education.

Company Culture

Put the Customer first

Appreciate the customer's trust.

Be Honest

Stay sincere no matter what.

Work smart, not hard

Automate boring stuff. Save time and energy for the things that really matter.

Be Human, Be Kind

Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.

Strive for knowledge

Gaining new information helps spark new ideas.

Take responsibility

It’s where your powers live.

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