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Friendly software that helps to plan shifts effectively, simplifies service quality checks and helps employees to enjoy their work. Focus on providing services for your clients, we'll do the rest.

What problems does an elder care facility face?

Over the next 20 years seniors population is expected to grow by 68%, and the number of those who are 75+ will double. Over the three decades, costs of care in nursing homes are projected to more than triple, from 22 to 71 billion!

Non-optimized processes

Staff-shortage, unbalanced shift distribution, turnovers and overrun of the resources. You don't have enough human resources to plug increasing caregivers' demand.

Employee problems

Being a caregiver is one of the lowest-paid occupations with the highest risk of burnout, depression, and job precarity. The vast majority of caregivers work at two or more jobs at the same time.

Care service problems

All these problems have a severe negative influence on the quality of care. Unhappy residents, low service quality and high risk of injury can be a reason for clients' complaints and a bad reputation.

Ingredients of business success

Clear business processes
Full control over the care plan execution in real-time and data-driven decisions based on extensive reports.
Simple and effective way to measure performance
Full control over the care plan execution in real-time and data-driven decisions based on extensive reports.
Routine automation
Save up to 30 hours each month on shift planning. Address the needs of your employees and generate optimized shift plans in just a few clicks!
Employee engagement and motivaition
Gamification and bonus policies are great ways to engage employees and cheer them up.
Love and passion ❤️
This is a secret ingredient that makes everything better and fills your product with life

Boost your operations like never before

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

We offer a complete business process

UNIO generates the best possible schedule for any period from a single day to an entire month.

Once an employee starts the shift, UNIO starts collecting movement data using their smartphone to estimate the workload and services.

At the end of each shift, the app offers a short questionnaire to collect additional information such as mood and tiredness.

Our values and vision

We aim to deliver reliable solutions to improve efficiency and operations for the people who love the people.

In love with work

Beloved work makes a person much happier.

Mutual respect
Clear business process gives a real opportunity to manage and predict.
Crystal transparency
Physical and mental health
The person's health is always a top priority. No exception.
Your profit
Success of our clients is our success.

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Most features are free for non-profit organizations.